Friday, July 25, 2008

Turn on anonymous access

In order to turn on anonymous access (I had to do it so my XML Web Part could use a list's RSS Feed as an XML source) follow these steps.

  1. Enable Anonymous access on your Web Application in Central Admin. Go to 'Application Management' and choose the 'Authentication Providers' link.
  2. Choose your authentication provider in the appropriate zone and check 'Enable Anonymous Access'.
  3. Go to your site and turn on Anonymous Access by going to 'Site Settings' then 'Advanced Permissions'
  4. If there is no 'Settings' option in your advanced permissions list, then your site is inheriting permissions, you can either stop inheriting by clicking 'Actions'>'Edit Permissions' (after which the 'Settings' option will show, or you can choose to turn anonymous access on at the parent's level by choosing 'Manage Parent Permissions'
  5. Once you have the 'Settings' menu, choose Anonymous Access and turn it on at the Site or List level. (For anonymous RSS you only need list level).

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