Thursday, July 24, 2008

Email Enabled Lists

After lots of digging, I finally got incoming-email-to-list functionality working in MOSS. Take a look at Steve Smith's excellent tutorial on getting things set up here. I had several issues during my setup, but here are the highlights:
  • Get things configured first using a machine-name/sub-domain first (i.e. use instead of
  • The MS least-privilege configuration doesn't apply here - each web application with lists that you want to be email-enabled must use the same app-pool identity as Central Administration (i.e. the "farm account"). Note that you can (and should) still have separate app-pools, but they have to run using the same identity.
  • Don't forget to delegate control to the app-pool identity for making changes in AD. After getting frustrated I just granted full-control to the OU and then went back later and fixed it.
  • Make sure the Sharepoint Timer service is running, otherwise the emails will just sit in the maildrop folder on your SMTP server and they'll never make it to a list. Trust me.
  • I should be kicked for this... Make sure the user account that you are using to test actually has rights to post to the list. As far as I can tell, MOSS doesn't send you any sort of "post rejected" email to let you know, so you'll be chasing your tail. Again, trust me.

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