Build a Standalone VM for MOSS Development (or WSS Development)

This post is a fantastic starting place for building your own developer VM with SQL Server, AD, Email, MOSS, and Visual Studio.

You should pretty much follow this verbatim, but here are a few points to make things go smoothly

  1. When Setting up SharePoint Search, make sure you include the Domain with the username (or you'll get a cryptic error)
  2. After setting up SharePoint Search, if you're installing MOSS, turn on all the other services except for the document conversion related services.
  3. If installing MOSS, make sure you create an SSP.
  4. Don't delete the default web application, just stop it. Chances are deleting it won't hurt you but there are a few things that could get screwed up if you totally delete the default web application (for more info see this post).
  5. Do yourself a favor and put STSDEV on there.


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