Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visio Stencil for SharePoint Customization

If you're trying to brand/customize SharePoint you might want to check this out. It's a stencil for Visio that lets you do your design without having to work in SharePoint, HTML, or a graphics program.


Jeff T said...

thanks, but these stencils/templates look like they are for SPS and WSS2, not MOSS2007 or WSS3.

I'm sure one could easily modify the templates to suit their needs for MOSS/WSS.

Paul said...

Thanks for the comment, but I still believe this can be a useful tool to quickly mock up a page/site for a client when you don't want to have them sit and watch you do the actual customization.

Given the date of the blog post I would also assume that this was originally designed for SharePoint '03, but it doesn't take a lot to see how this could be of use for a 2007 implementation.

ismith said...

There is a huge collection of SharePoint shapes for Visio at http://www.visio-for-sharepoint.com There are 3 main libraries for Architecture, Design and High Level Design. All-in-all more than 1,200 shapes with dozens of templates too. Not Free, but well supported for SharePoint professionals. Well worth a look.