Monday, June 9, 2008

Understanding Content Type IDs and a Reference

Microsoft provides a very thorough explanation of ContentTypes here but you may be left wondering what content types you can inherit from (or more likely what are their content type IDs) so you can build off of them. Well you can always go look at them in the 'ctypes' feature folder (that's the out-of-box feature that defines the WSS content types). It's available at under your 12\TEMPLATE\Features\ctypes folder in the 'ctypeswss.xml' file.

Otherwise you can just refer to this list I pulled together:

0x : System
0x01 : Item
0x0101 : Document
0x010100629D00608F814dd6AC8A86903AEE72AA : ODCDocument
0x010100B4CBD48E029A4ad8B62CB0E41868F2B0 : UDCDocument
0x010101 : XMLDocument
0x010102 : Picture
0x010104 : UntypedDocument
0x010105 : MasterPage
0x010107 : DocumentWorkflowItem
0x010108 : WikiDocument
0x010109 : BasicPage
0x01010901 : WebPartPage
0x01010A : LinkToDocument
0x01010B : DublinCoreName
0x0102 : Event
0x0103 : Issue
0x0104 : Announcement
0x0105 : Link
0x0106 : Contact
0x0107 : Message
0x0108 : Task
0x010801 : WorkflowTask
0x010802 : AdminTask
0x0109 : WorkflowHistory
0x010A Person
0x010B SharePointGroup
0x010C DomainGroup
0x0110 : BlogPost
0x0111 : BlogComment
0x0116 : FarEastContact
0x0120 : Folder
0x012001 RootOfList
0x012002 : Discuss

By the way, I got this list by copying/modifying the files I used in this post to refer to the ctypeswss.xml file instead of the field types file.

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