Thursday, September 25, 2008

SharePoint solution deployment getting stuck

I was deploying a solution into our production farm and found that after adding my solution and trying to deploy it (from Central Admin), the the timer job just got stuck on 'Deploying...'. I eventually discovered that one of our app servers had a problem with the Timer Service and shut down. I restarted the timer service and the solution finished deploying.

Now it's time to figure out why the Timer Job failed...


Robinb said...

Cheers for the post (& the insight that it gave) - had a look in the timer logs on our sharepoint system to find one of our servers was trying to initiate a process from 16 days ago with a web part stuck in deployment! Closer inspection showed the service to be closed - although this was due to a password change, so the service was never re-started.

Hope you find the answer to your solution.

Anders said...

Thanks - that did the job:)