Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bulk MySite Creation

Because SharePoint will display active links to MySites that might not exist, I was asked to "pre-create" all of the MySites before an upcoming rollout to prevent any confusion from "broken" links. I found a tool at codeplex called TIN that seemed to do what I needed, but it was a little clunky so I rewrote it. The new version is incredibly simple, but it might save somone some time so I thought I'd share. Basic features include:
  • Bulk creation of MySites for entries in the ProfileManager
  • Bulk deletion of MySites for entries in the ProfileManager
  • List profiles from the ProfileManager and whether they have a MySite
  • Robust logging and error handling
  • Save-to-File for log results
  • Multiple threads for long-running operations and smoother screen updates
The source code isn't so beautiful, but here it is. Feel free to make any changes you like, and let us know if it worked for you. Also, if you do make changes and want to share, just send it in and we'll post an update.

Here's a shot of it in action:

Note: Generating a large number of personal sites can take a while, so you may want to run this sometime off-peak.


Ni said...


What the most MySites have you created in one go using your tol? How long does it take?

I'd love to know if you can share your experience in large farm deployment and auto-creation of MySite.

Thank you!

Byron said...


I created about 450 MySites in our test environment (virtual servers), and the process took about an hour, if I remember correctly. I'm sure the code could be optimized though.


Anonymous said...

800 Sites in just under two hours, thanks a bunch you saved my bacon!


Anonymous said...

Hello, This tool looks very good, however do you have any user instructions? What address to put where, which files to put on which server etc etc? That would be very useful.